One-to-one Walks

If your dog misses the attention that you are unable to give during the day, due to a busy schedule, is simply bounding with energy or has behavioural difficulties with other dogs, then our one-to-one dog walk is the perfect solution!

As our dogs become older and less mobile often they may find it hard to ‘keep up with the pack’ – a one-to-one walk, at their own pace and in a pleasant environment can be the best reward for your ‘faithful old friend’.

Quality solo dog walks …..

Your dog will thank you for providing them with quality time and heaps of affection from one of our experience dog walkers.

  • Individual walks will allow your dog to go at their own speed
  • They will get undivided attention, playtime and stimulation
  • Great way to tire out energetic and boisterous dog breeds
  • Less mobile dogs will be able to walk at their own comfortable pace
  • Suitable for dogs who don’t like sharing their walk with other dogs
  • Regularly scheduled one-to-one walks can introduce discipline to troubled dogs
  • We have experience with dogs who have some behavioural difficulties

One-to-one dog walks can be arranged on a regular weekly basis, or as infrequent or one-off events when you are unable to walk your dog yourself.

What your dog will get …..

Our solo dog walk experience will give us the opportunity to spend quality time with your dog – when you are unable to – exercise them , play with and reward them, and shower them with affection.

  • Free van collection service from your home and return after exercising
  • A tailored walk experience catering for the exact needs of your dog
  • Quality walk time in a safe, pleasant and stimulating outdoor environment
  • Heaps of playtime and time ‘off of the leash’ (upon your agreement)
  • Walk training with one of our experienced pet carers if your dog has difficulty on the lead
  • Your dog will be hydrated and cared for throughout the walk and on return home
  • Complete service lasts minimum of 1 hour

We have built up wonderful relationships with some of our older, less mobile dogs and their owners, and helped those with walk/behavioural difficulties to become more accustomed to their environment.

To arrange a one-to-one dog walk, call 07799 114 377 or use our Booking Enquiry form

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Customer comments

My dog, Pippa, is a rescue dog and so is very wary of strangers.

I was cautious about choosing the right dog walkers who would be caring and patient with her.

However, I needn’t have worried, as she loves Katie and Sarah as much as she loves me and food!
Charlotte & Pippa

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