Puppy Walks

There is nothing more adorable than a new puppy – engaging, inquisitive and full of energy – and when the time comes for them to venture out from the safety of your home they are always keen to explore and become accustomed with the outside world!

Puppies crave attention and once they are regularly taking walks outside we would encourage you to develop a daily routine. If you need help to keep that routine going, when you are at work or simply unable to, then we can provide regular home visits and puppy walks.

Perfect puppy provisions …..

While still young your puppy may put unlimited demands on your home and family life, particularly with the amount of care your youngster may need throughout the day when you are unavailable to tend to them:

  • Young dogs will require large amounts of stimulation throughout the day
  • Growing dogs may need regular feeding and hydration
  • Frequent walks are a great way to use up their boundless energy levels
  • Inquisitive young pups can sometimes get themselves into difficulties within the home
  • Lonely, unstimulated pups often take out their energy on home furnishings & possessions
  • Young pack dogs value the social interactivity with other dogs outside the home

Our carers are fully insured and approved and have first hand experience of raising dogs from pups.

Flexible puppy care solutions …..

Every young dog’s needs are different, so we provide a bespoke service for the ever changing needs of your ┬álatest family addition:

  • Frequent house visits to check on your puppy’s safety in the home
  • Quality social time to interact with your puppy and provide stimulation
  • One-to-one walks with reinforcement of any training you have already given
  • Regular home visits to feed, water and dispense medications and clean up ‘little accidents’
  • Fun playtime at home or outside in a safe open environment
  • Walks with other puppies to develop social interaction and shared playtimes
No need for you to worry if you can’t be at home to look to your new puppy’s needs – let us take the strain for you and ensure that your young pooch will be safely waiting for you on your return home.

For more information and to discuss the specific needs of your puppy, call 07799 114 377 or use our Booking Enquiry form


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Customer comments

I am extremely pleased with the professional and friendly service given by CHEZ PAWS. The girls are so friendly and always happy to go that extra mile.

They clearly care for the dogs and look after them very well. The team are very accommodating, I cannot fault them!
JoannaKatie & Zack

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