Group Walks

Dogs are pack animals and there is nothing they enjoy more than the opportunity to be out in a small group with other dogs – walking, socialising, playing and interacting in a safe and stimulating environment.

Whether you don’t have the time for long walks with your ‘faithful friend’ or simply don’t have the opportunity to interact with other dogs, then we can help you and we know that your dog will thank you for it!

Benefits to your dog …..

Other than the general improvements to your dog’s well-being, which they get from their usual walk with you, our group walks can also provide other benefits:

  • Regular walking develops a routine and can improve behaviour
  • Interaction with other dogs increases their confidence
  • ‘Running with the pack’ improves general health & fitness
  • Dogs will be introduced to new fun environments
  • Often country walks will include a ‘dip in the water’
  • Dogs get to go out ‘whatever the weather’
  • Your dog will thank you for a walk with his ‘four legged’ friends

We will carefully select other dogs with friendly, outgoing personalities, similar to your own dog’s to give them a safe, fun and stimulating outing.

What is included …..

Before accepting your dogs within one of our group walks we would recommend a few sessions of one-to-one walks to help us to bond with them and understand their behaviour, levels of recall and general personality.

Once your dog has been assessed we can then select from one of our ‘existing packs’ who we feel would make suitable walk partners for them.

  • Group walks includes a free collection service from your home
  • Packs of no more than 4 dogs per walker may be exercised together
  • Walk locations include local safe, park & woodland areas away from traffic
  • With your permission, your dog will be ‘off of the lead’ for part of the walk
  • Dips into non-flowing water to play/cool off are often a feature of the day
  • Dogs will be kept hydrated throughout the day and treats may be dispensed
  • ‘Towel dried and tired’, your dog will be returned home and fed at your request

Most of our existing clients comment upon the improvements they witness in the behaviour of their dogs after our group walk sessions.

For photos of some of our regular packs and comments from our happy customers go to our Gallery and Testimonial pages.

NOTE: dogs may not be walked in groups if uncastrated over the age of 9 months and bitches who are not spayed

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Customer comments

I am extremely pleased with the professional and friendly service given by CHEZ PAWS. The girls are so friendly and always happy to go that extra mile.

They clearly care for the dogs and look after them very well. The team are very accommodating, I cannot fault them!
JoannaKatie & Zack

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