Holiday Care

A less stressful alternative to a cattery for when you are away overnight or for a short break, is our cat holiday care service – with the added benefit of somebody keeping an eye on your property while you are away.

Cats are largely independent, sensitive creatures so moving them to a strange environment, even for a very short time can often be very stressful for them. Let us take over the temporary care of your cat in their own home environment, and also look out for your house at the same time.

What is included …..

A perfect alternative to a cattery, before accepting your cats for holiday care we would recommend a home visit to help us to bond with them and understand their individual personality, general behaviour and specific needs.

Once your cat has been assessed we can then understand how much attention they will require from our carers during their visits and particular things that they will respond to. Our holiday care service is flexible to your individual requirements and can include:

  • Daily or twice daily visits, as required
  • We will feed your cat, change water and clean out litter trays
  • Dispensing of any over-the-counter supplements or prescribed medications
  • Let your cat in, or out of your home during the day if necessary
  • Groom your cat if they favour this type of attention
  • Younger, playful cats may enjoy some play-time with their favourite toys
  • Older cats may simply want some ‘me time’ with strokes and cuddles
  • Tending to other small house animals (hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, fish) can also be undertaken if required
  • Drawing of house curtains/blinds, collection of post, turning lights on/off, moving dustbins
  • Thorough home security check to ensure all is safe and sound
  • Our service will last for up to 20 minutes per visit

Our holiday care package will help to keep your cat contented whilst you are away, and also has the added benefit of maintaining an appearance that you home remains occupied and so is less appealing to unwanted intruders.

If you need help with care for your cat when you are away or on holiday, call 07799 114 377 today or use our Booking Enquiry form

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Customer comments

Katie is like a second mum to our two babies and we trust her completely.

I never have to worry when I go away as she keeps me updated with texts and I know she’ll have given them the love and attention as if they were her own.

Katie takes the worry out of leaving our ‘furry family members’, they are in excellent hands!
AliLittle Lad & Little Lass

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