Cat Sitting

While we are out working our cats are often left in the home to fend for themselves. Although independent creatures they may still value some time during the day to be played with and fussed over – valuable time which you may not be able to provide them with.

Even with the most understanding bosses and flexible working it’s often not convenient to leave work during the day to tend to your cat’s needs. No bother – simply let us take over and keep your feline friend happy and content within their own surroundings!

What is included …..

Before accepting your cats for any of our services we would always recommend a home visit to help us to bond with them and understand their individual personality and general behaviour.

Once your cat has been assessed we can then understand how much attention they will be seeking from our carers on their visits and particular things that they will respond to. Our cat sitting service is flexible to your individual requirements and can include:

  • Daily or twice daily visits, as required
  • We can feed your cat, change water and litter trays
  • Let your cat in, or out of your home if necessary
  • Groom your cat if they favour this type of attention
  • Younger, playful cats may enjoy some play-time with their favourite toys
  • Older cats may simply want some ‘me time’ with strokes and cuddles
  • Quick home security check to ensure all is safe and sound
  • Our service will last for up to 20 minutes

Maintaining regular socialising time with your cat will keep them happy and content within the home environment, and often will keep them more active and energised throughout the daytime when you aren’t at home.

If you and your cat need our cat sitting services, call 07799 114 377 today or use our Booking Enquiry form

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Customer comments

My dog, Pippa, is a rescue dog and so is very wary of strangers.

I was cautious about choosing the right dog walkers who would be caring and patient with her.

However, I needn’t have worried, as she loves Katie and Sarah as much as she loves me and food!
Charlotte & Pippa

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